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Information on this page applies to final roster players only. 

Quick Links

Make a Roster Fee Payment  - Due June 17, 2022  --   CLICK HERE

Submit Player Profile Content  - Due June 17, 2022  --  CLICK HERE

Marucci Fan Gear Due by June 15 --  Scroll for Log-In

Player Sponsorship Program - 2023 UPDATES COMING SOON

Athletes have an opportunity to friends, family, or businesses to request a Big 26 player sponsorship. These sponsorships help to offset a player's event costs and give supporters an opportunity to be acknowledged in the Official Event Program. Participation in the sponsorship program is optional.


View the Sponsorship Program Terms & Conditions HERE


PENNSYLVANIA PLAYERS - Download a Sample Letter to Send to Friends and Family

Pennsylvania Sponsor Donation Link  -


MARYLAND PLAYERS - Download a Sample Letter to Send to Friends and Family

Maryland Sponsor Donation Link -

Big 26 Apparel - Order By XXX -  2023 Updates coming soon.


Big 26 Fan Gear will be limited at the event. State-specific gear is available through the Marucci Locker Room. The deadline for custom orders is June 14.  If you place an order that includes stock items and custom items, stock items may ship in advance of custom items. Custom items will be processed and printed by Marucci in one batch as soon as the store closes in order to ensure pre-event delivery. 

***Player packages will be ordered by the office. Players receive full uniforms, logo shorts, a gray "state arc" tee, and an additional custom Big 26 tee. (PA = Gold shirt w/navy custom, MD = Red shirt w/black custom.) If players wish to order additional Big 26 items, they should use the Locker Room link.***


Marucci Locker Room Log In

Step 1) Go to:
Step 2) Create an account
Step 3) Use store code: Big26baseball

Note: You may share the Marucci Locker Room information with your baseball and fastpitch contacts via email, but the code CANNOT be posted on social media. Doing so could jeopardize our ability to offer this benefit. Please include this note anytime you share the log in instructions and ask that your contacts do the same. 

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