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Big 26 Baseball Classic® Media Contact

Tyler Petroski


We look forward to your coverage of the 2024 Big 26 Baseball Classic. 

  • 2024 Credential Form Coming Soon.

  • Eligible media include newspaper/television/radio reporters and photographers. (Unaffiliated, commercial, hobbyist photographers are not eligible for Big 26 press passes.)

  • Press check-in/badge distribution will be located near the ticketing table at the main entrance to FNB Field. 

  • No media (or any non-Big 26 staff members) are permitted in the dugouts or in the media well on the 1st base side. 

  • Locker room access is strictly limited to players, coaches and coordinators. No media are permitted in the locker rooms.

  • Credentialed media are welcome to access the playing surface for pre-game introductions. Media should exit the playing surface immediately following the ceremonial first pitch of each game.

  • During coverage of the Buddy Picnic and/or Challenger Game, please be mindful that some of our participants are shy and/or easily overwhelmed. Please respect their space at all times.  

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