Legacy Imagez (operated by Danette Bartholomew) is the official photographer of the Big 26 Baseball Classic. Danette is a Harrisburg area sports photographer specializing in Baseball, Football, Senior Photos and more. Visit the website for more information. 

NOTES FOR 2021 GALLERY: The Buddy Game, Game 1, and headshots are posted. Games 2 and 3 are still in edits. (Albums were delayed this year due to unexpected circumstances, but the team at Legacy Imagez is working hard to edit these amazing memories! We'll see more great shots soon!)

Use Code BIG10 to receive a discount on each 10-photo download bundle. Regular price per photo = $25.00.  Price per photo when buying 10 images and using the BIG10 code = $10.00. The code can be used more than once, but each 10-photo bundle must be purchased separately due to software specifications.  Selections can come from different albums. All photography transactions are directly between customers and Legacy Imagez.